1.- Photo Booth Equipment.

Make sure the photo booth uses a DSLR camera. DSLR cameras generally provide the highest quality photos. High resolution is especially important if you are interested in getting additional, larger prints of some of the photos or sharing the photos online. Aside from the camera, the quality of the prints depends on the printer the photo booth uses. Prints from Dye Sublimation printers compared to Ink Jet prints are faster and more durable.

2.- Photo Prints

Don’t forget to ask the photo booth company about any limitations on the number of prints. Look for a company that not only offers unlimited number of sessions, i.e., the number of times guests can go inside the booth, but also guarantees a printed copy for each person on the photo, i.e., “free reprints”. The availability of free reprints can increase the price of the photo booth, however, less rental time is needed to ensure each guest gets to walk away with their own copy.

3.- Personalized Design

Every event is one-of-a-kind and should be treated as such. Look for a company that is willing to take the extra step and personalize your experience. Some photo booths offer a personalized photo strip design that is matched to the colors and the theme of the event. Similarly, photo book design can be customized to fit your style and the type of the event. Finally, if your event requires special photo booth props, check whether the company is willing to accommodate your needs.

4.- Online Gallery

No matter what the type of the event, they all tend to get very busy. If you don’t want to miss out on the fun, make sure to pick a photo booth that offers an online gallery with all the pictures taken during your event. Online gallery allows you to browse through the pictures over and over at your leisure and relive the fun and happy memories. It also gives you the opportunity to share these photos digitally with friends and family or post them on social media. Look for a photo booth service that includes an online gallery with digital copies of the photos at no additional cost.

5.- Reviews & Experience

Following the previous tips will narrow the search down, but you will very likely still be left with at least a couple of options. To make the final decision, read the company’s reviews, check out their previous work (watch out for staged photos!!!), and contact them. Look for people with experience in photo booth services in particular and in photography in general, because even the finest equipment does not ensure the best quality photos without a skilled person who operates it. If still in doubt, set up a meeting to meet the people and see the work in person.